The key to success for your internet marketing site is to present an informative and exciting overview of your business or product. Eye catching graphics can’t overcome content which is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, or which doesn’t present your company as interesting or exciting. Graphics are only a lure, good, well written copy is the hook.

Internet Marketing

Choosing a copywriter

When choosing a copywriter to supply your site content, try to choose one who has some knowledge of your product or service, particularly if your product is highly technical.

If you are using a copywriter who does not have any specialized knowledge of your products, be sure to provide the all information you want included on your site.

A professional copywriter can spin the information to make it seem more interesting to a reader. Technical information can and should be presented as interesting and relevant to your customers.

SEO – the key to exposure

In order to get the best exposure for your site, you will want a amazon product listing copywriter with experience in keywords and SEO content. SEO means search engine optimization.

You will need to provide your copywriter with the keywords and your desired saturation (keyword density) in your content.

Most keyword density is about 1-1.5% for one keyword. Keywords, used in specific places in your content, will be picked up by search engines creating more traffic to your site.

This will help your site get the most advantageous use of search engines like Google, and help to reduce advertising costs.

Presenting an image

Imagine sending a salesman for medical equipment to a doctor’s office in overalls. The salesman would be beginning his presentation at a disadvantage.

Even the best salesman would have difficulty overcoming this obstacle. When your web page is your salesman, you want it to be wearing a suit and tie.

Presentation is everything and it is the job of a professional writer to give your site the best possible presentation.

Let your website do the talking

Your website is your salesman on the internet. The writing for your site should present your product or service as exciting and interesting.

Content should persuade your potential customers that your business offers something that your competitors do not, whether it is price, customer service, product selection, or all three.

If you want points presented with numbers or bullets, advise your writer when you contract with him. If you are not sure how to present your points, discuss it with your professional writer.

Writers can often offer suggestions on how to present a clear and eye catching format for your site content. You want your site to have a fresh and original appearance.

Use bullet points

Bullet points are a precise quick way to get your message across quickly. One of my clients in the UK runs a herbal manufacturing company. His main key-phrase is melatonin lets look at how bullet points can emphasise his USP – unique selling points.

  • Insomnia cure
  • Restless nights?
  • Natural sleeping pills
  • Sleep

Get a professional

When building a website, you would hire a professional to design your graphics and do your coding. Copywriting is every bit as specialized and important. Give you business the best possible chance by working with a professional copywriter who can give your site polish, originality, SEO content and the professional appearance you desire.