A number of people endure difficulty in sleeping perhaps after being tired. The problem is able to happen due to psychological distress, medical factors, sleep problems (abnormal sleeping habits), inconvenient sleep atmosphere, lifestyle problems (caused by alcohol, smoking etc. habits or) e.g. folks remaining awake late at nights, taking naps in afternoons or evening, having irregular actions, taking dishes late etc.


Signs and symptoms

Some signs and symptoms of insomnia are waking up prematurely before creating a restful sleep, staying tired through the day and being dependent on pills to sleep. The problem of insomnia is able to cause daytime fatigue, difficulty and irritability in concentration. These kinds of changes in body rhythm, nerves signaling and restlessness due to sleeplessness can be avoided by taking natural sleep aid nutritional supplements, the herbal products which can help in reducing tension and calming body and brain to counteract sleep problems.


Natural health supplements to remedy insomnia come with herbal substances which could assist with relax mind to minimize the issue of soreness in body parts to induce sleep in a natural way. The herbal sleep aid dietary supplements such as Aaram capsules possess the set of rest inducing herbal plants such as Bacopa Monnieri, Withania Somnifera, Eclipta Alba, Sovemedicin uden Recept , Valeriana Wallichii, Rauwolfia Serpentine etc.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is mind empowering herb used as major ingredient in supplements that are natural to remedy insomnia. It’s strongly recommended to people are motivated to improve memory cognition as well as concentration power. It relaxes nerve tissues and also improves brain signaling to stop disorders of neural communication.

Valeriana wallichii

Valeriana wallichii is another popular herb used in the planning of healthy sleep aid supplements. Valeriana wallichii is mentioned in ayurveda texts for having strong sleep inducing effects. This is not a typical Valeriana officinalis (valerian) used for inducing rest. It is generally the Indian variety of the same class of herb with a few changed chemicals composition. The roots of the herb have valerinic acid which decreases the description of GABA in the brain to do the job as sedative. It can cause drowsiness if taken in daytime. It is able to bring down the issue of sleeplessness and this was tested on rats.

Laboratory exams

During laboratory exams, it was witnessed the rats caused with the herb might sleep for longer duration as the herb increases sleep time. The study on herb showed it can improve sleep pattern, increase deep sleep and enhance quality of sleep. The product is also connected with the decrease in corticosterone levels in reduction and serum in lipid peroxidation in the mental faculties component hippocampus, this helps in boosting memory as well as learning capability.

Study with rats

Study on the herb showed the rats fed with 100 mg per kg of the root extract had a lowered corticosterone amounts in plasma. Eclipta Alba and Withania somnifera work as anti-anxiety and anti-stress herbs. The study on Eclipta Alba proved it’s anti aggressive effects which are related to worry minimizing behavior. It effect is equivalent to diazepam one mg per kg in rats. Rauwolfia serpentine is yet another herb used as natural dietary supplements to remedy insomnia as it is able to relax brain and can get rid of the problem of hypertension and irritability.