Do you know your dog has a pineal gland, exactly like humans, which secretes a hormone? This substance, along with organic hemp oil, is also taken as a supplement to accelerate its natural production.

Why so?

Several factors including age influence its proportion in our body. This antioxidant  is mainly used for rectifying depression, anxiety and preventing sleepless nights.

Most pet owners do not realize that when there is a reduction in this production, it also means their system clock is not working properly. This causes a massive problem for our system, and we end up spending restless nights, suffering from anxiety and even depression.

dogs diet

Is it essential to include supplements in your dogs diet?

Vets recommend that one should take a dosage of hemp oil of around 0.5mg per 10lb in your dogs weight – daily. Giving more than this dosage can result in adverse effects on your dogs body. These effects include feeling sleepy all day long, decreasing body temperature, having nightmares, bleeding internally and fluctuating blood pressure levels.

Moreover, it will be almost impossible to wake up early morning.

This hormone production continues for around 12 hours at night and its level decreases in daylight. This fall in its level leads to a tremendous energy burst.

A common mistake

Most people make a common mistake of confusing hemp oil for dogs as cannabis oil. This is completely wrong – with hemp oil there are no hallucinations.

Your dog won’t fall asleep as soon as you give him the hemp oil it takes time, however any anxiety will start to subdue within 30 minutes or so. Veterinarians recommend to give your dog hemp oil at the same time everyday and you should see a noticeable difference within days

Regulating anxiety and depression

Hemp oil helps to regulate the day-to-day rhythms of your dogs body. Once your pet has a daily intake of hemp oil they will feel less anxious and any negative signs of depression will diminish.

It is very important that you stick to the correct dosage by the manufacturer or your veterinarian. Taking more than this can cause lethargy and other side effects which are not good for your dog.

Always consult your veterinarian if you are unsure on anything or you see your dog’s personality has changes.