The initial step in the procedure of building a site to market item on Amazon would be the keyword analysis stage. Without correctly researched key phrases you are whole venture is going to fall flat on the face of its, you will become frustrated as well as quit calling the whole’ make money online’ matter a fraud. So. Lets get this particular right eh?:)

keyword research

For the search term research of ours had been planning to utilize something that Google makes readily available for free known as, surprisingly enough, the Keyword Tool. Our goal using this device is coming up with a good list of keyword phrases that we are able to possibly construct lucrative sites around. In this particular stage weren’t choosing the main golden keyword, we are simply compiling a huge list of keyword phrases which we will qualify within the next several lessons.

OK so we have to begin brainstorming thoughts to plug in to the keyword tool. I love going to eBay’s categories getting ideas of markets which I am able to research since they cover pretty much every physical item. So head over to plug and also eBay in one of the groups.

Chose a keyword

I chose to go with “Amazon listing optimization service” so I pasted that in to the search area, joined the captcha and also clicked on “get search term ideas”. Well then it brings up a huge table of data. I wont go into every thing about the tool right here, we simply have to concentrate on a couple of things. Set your match sort to “exact” what about the “choose columns to display” drop down menus make certain you are showing community trends and queries. So now sort the table by hometown queries from nearly all to least.


Just before we dig into these figures we have to establish several parameters to search for so weren’t totally lost so we are able to begin to build list of keyword phrases which have a sufficient quantity of queries and ideally an upward trend. I make certain the key phrases I select have no less than thousand queries (per month) and you will find a minimum of three text in the expression.

We go with a minimum of thousand searches per month as any under that just would not be worthwhile. You need many people coming to the site of yours so you can make frequent sales. We would like to opt for no less than three text in the expression since the longer key phrases has a lesser amount of competition than a single or maybe 2 word keyword phrases.

Right after performing a hunt for “Amazon listing optimization service” as well as sorting by local, specific queries I just have two keyword phrases more than thousand queries a month. “Amazon listing” receives 27,100 searches that is a great deal. I am going to simply pass on that since I know the competition is going to be hard for that phrase due to the search count and also the fact that is its just 2 words. Nevertheless the next term “Amazon listing optimization” has a great deal more potential. with 1600 searches as well as three terms it suits the parameters of ours completely.

Another item to check out will be the trend

It looks as this keyword hits the peak of its in the summer months that makes sense:) If you are seeking to make fast sales this may not be the keyword for you though I am going to keep it since it will be a great keyword to develop a website around in preparation for following summer. It is going to give me some time to buy it built up. I am going to imitate that and paste it right into a spreadsheet for future studies.

After you have finished the keyword research of yours for the Amazon affiliate site you will have to go onto product research and also to accomplish that you will head over to Amazon to check out the offerings of theirs for niche that the keywords of yours are associated with. Assuming you have completed your keyword research properly you will see you have run into 5-10 phrases that have a great deal of relevant goods on Amazon as well as the more the merrier! Remember with Amazons affiliate system the typical commission percentage is approximately six % so I’d recommend you look for products along with keywords that allows you to sell products which are a minimum of hundred dollars each.

So now its just rinse as well as repeat. After you have compiled a minimum of twenty phrases that suit those parameters go on and move on to item research for the Amazon affiliate site of yours!