A white paper can wear many hats, and address different types of audiences.

As a technical resource, it can share functionality of a piece of software. It can also deliver highly technical information to architects and developers in a deep meaningful way. Or it can inform B2B buyers about the features of a big-ticket piece of industrial equipment, running into the millions of dollars.

Getting technical

But whatever piece of high-tech equipment it discusses, a technical white paper shares features and links them to real business benefits. Benefits the reader will enjoy once he owns your product or service.

White paper

On the other hand, as a business resource, a white paper shares vision of a critical business issue and what the solution may hold for the future. It delivers your company’s unique value proposition to C-level executives at a high level. So they can see the big picture of how your product or service meets the long term needs of their company. Not only today, but also well into the future.

Both business and technical audiences benefit from reading a well-written white paper. And both mindsets base their purchasing decisions on white papers to a large degree.


That’s because white papers influence. They gently promote your products and services in a very non-threatening way. They aren’t designed to sell your product outright (although I’ve written some that have). Instead, they serve as an advertorial. A piece that shares your products benefits builds belief level without appearing to be a sales letter. That’s what makes them such a powerful marketing weapon in the belt of those who market highly technical products and services.

Hiring a white paper writer

Based on this, it behooves all such marketers to hire a white paper writer who can address both audiences with equal skill and dexterity. Such B2B copywriters a difficult to find. And when word of their skill gets out, they tend to stay very, very busy.

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Regardless of what hat your white paper wears, it needs to be a part of your lead generation strategy and marketing mix. The benefit to you will be a greater number of highly qualified leads that convert to big-dollar sales.