I am sick, and exhausted, of listening to specific political figures, along with public officials, articulate a message, seeming to equate, economic/ monetary requirements, necessary, sane, with true, public health goals!

Although, lots of people are suffering, out of the undesirable, financial impacts, of closing the economic system, and also the extended time since this has occurred/ lapsed, if, the public officials of ours, rather than behaving as politicians, lastly, followed the duty of theirs, to deliver as well as represent the constituents of theirs, and also assured, a substantially – needed, brilliance – overall, which might be resolved, successfully, and with authentic empathy.

Sadly, a lot of those individuals, have, neither done, that, neither, focused, correctly, on the genuine HEALTH risks, requirements, and goals! With which in mind, this write-up is going to attempt to, look at, look at, review, and also talk about, using the mnemonic strategy, what what this means is as well as represents, and also exactly why, it is very important, today, much more than ever.


1. Human; humane; wholesome:

If individuals are in perfect shape, just how can things, go back, ever, to some semblance of normal? A lot of elected officials, seem, to miss, any humane feelings/ considerations, etcetera, along with, generally, seem to forget about, a lot of basic human needs, and needs, and so on!

2. Empathy; stress; projects; excellence:

Do not we should have, being served and also represented, by executives, with real empathy, along with, who place the main emphasis of theirs, and also initiatives, towards causing us to be better, happier, and much more satisfied? Rather than taking exactly the same – old, very same – old, methods, etcetera, do not we want, a resolve for believing, outdoors – the – box, and also proceeding forward, with well – regarded as, suggestions and designs, emphasizing excellence, and quality?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate; actions:

If leaders, proceeded, with a good, can potentially – do, attitude, and also the aptitude/ ability – set, required, to create a positive change, for the greater, the opportunity of ours, being healthful, is increased, drastically! Should not they pay sharp focus on service, and priorities, and articulate a message, that unifies, rather than divides? Rather than empty promises, and rhetoric, look directly at the actions of theirs, consider ramifications, their plans, and whether, and sustainability!

4. Listening; learning; leadership:

Demand, leaders, move ahead, with good listening, and learning, out of each experience, and discussion, and clearly show, the quality of the leadership of theirs, dependent on, the readiness of theirs to recognize, they did not have all of the answers, moreover put together, an inner – circle, of quality professionals, professionals, plus advisors!

5. Time – tested; true/ trust; timely:

If constituents believe in the integrity of a leader, they’re much more prepared, to go by – his – lead, in points during the crisis/ matter! Since, President Trump, hasn’t exhibited, this particular unit, neither, seemed to plan efficiently, and move forward, with time – tested, appropriate activity, he fails to take us, together, for the more good!

6. Healing; housing:

We’ve discovered, those residing in probably the poorest degrees of real estate, etcetera, are very infected, by this particular pandemic. We want a much better structure, which stresses, healing the wounds, that divide us!

Struggling economically is an awful feeling, but, with conscientious federal leadership, eventually, can be, and planning, rectified! On the opposite hand, the wellness – relevant ramifications of the pandemic, for a few, won’t ever be equipped being resolved, and/ or even, reversed!